A Busy Summer

9:39 AM

Summer is going way too fast for me. I mean, I love autumn, how it turns all the leaves beautiful colors, and the cool crisp air. But summer is my favorite season.

There's just something about waking up at 6:00 and it being light out. There's something about getting so hot that you have to jump in the pool. Something about the food. Something about the fireflies, and the starry nights. There's something special about it all.

Like my post How Short Life is said, life is here one day, and gone the next--as a vapor.

I've been thinking about this a lot. Just two years ago, I couldn't wait until I was fourteen, because I was going to be in ninth grade. Now, I wish that I wouldn't have wasted so much time wishing for the years to go fast.
Seven years ago, a big miracle came into my life: Annie Elisabeth. I couldn't wait for her to grow up so I could teach her how to ride a bike, and to teach her how to play the piano (I tried to teach her how to play the piano, BTW, and I have decided that I will let my mom teach her). Now, Annie is a seven year-old and I wish that time wouldn't have gone so fast; I wish that I could rewind time so that I could do things over--like, be kinder to my baby sister.
Last year, on June 12th, Londan Ella came into my life--another miracle (as you can see, my life is full of blessings). I still cannot believe that she is a year old already. It seems like only yesterday, I got the phone call that she was born. If time keeps on flying like this, she'll be three in what seems like two weeks.
And then comes Mark. I remember when he turned eight. How could that have been four years ago? Already, Mark is almost as tall as me (okay, so that's not a big achievement).

Everything is going so fast. And while I want it to slow down (to a really sloooow speed), I don't want it to stop. I can't wait until I turn sixteen (I don't know why I wrote that--you already know that), but--even though I want to drive like crazy--I'm guess I'm willing to wait for what seems like an eternity if I can have two slow years.

I suppose that all I can do is just live. Live for God, and enjoy the time that He gives me on this earth, while I serve Him. Even though the years fly by insanely fast, I just have to remember that I can still have a good time, and I will always remember the good times, no matter how fast they pass me.

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  1. If you think life is going fast for YOU, try being 35. I honestly feel like I was 14 just a few years ago! You are very sweet, Emily Paige, and you are a great big sister!

  2. If you think time goes fast for you now, just wait until you get older. Then it really flys by!


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