Tag! You're it

9:35 PM

Starting time:
9:40 pm

Name: Emily Paige



What are you wearing? Clothes. Haha. Shorts, and a t-shirt.

Favorite drink: Sweet tea (you've got to have Southern sweet tea!)

Favorite month? June!!!!

Favorite breakfast? Chocolate chip pancakes (with extra syrup!)

Love someone so much who made you cry? Yes.....

Broken a bone? Yep. And it wasn't fun.

Been in a police car? Actually, yes. *gulp*

Been on a boat? Yes, and I love it.

Came close to dying? Not really. But I feel like it sometimes.

Been in a hot tub? No. *starts to cry*

Swam in the ocean? Yeah. And I've drank the ocean, too. It's not very good.

Fallen asleep in school? Almost.

Cried when someone dies? Yeah.

Fallen off a chair? Oh, hahahaha, yes. Definitely. I am the Queen Of Falling Off Chairs.


Who did you last yell at? Brother and sister

Do you like filling these out ? Why else would I be doing it? (i.e. yes, I like doing tags)

Do you like yourself? Sometimes.

--------------Today did you---------------

Talk to someone you like? Of course.

Got sick? Maybe a little bit.

Sing? Um-hm. I sang A LOT today.

-------------------Last person who-----------------

You talked to on the phone with? Uh....hm...uh...I think my Mee-Mee.

Made you cry? I don't know. Myself?

Went to the mall with? My mom. And sister. Along with my brother. And my Mee-Mee was there, too.

Been to Europe? No. Ah, but I want to, though. That's a dream vacation spot!

Been to Asia? No.

Been to Russia? No.

Been to the Bahamas? My dad has. I think.

Been to Mexico? Practically. I've been to Texas. Haha.

Been to Canada? Yes! (Finally, I can answer yes!)

Been to Africa? No. But I might go.

---------------------Final questions--------------------

What are you listening to? America's Funniest Home Videos.

Do you hate someone in your family? No!!! I love my family. My family is awesome.

What car do you wish to have? A dark blue convertible Mustang, with a super charger, and blue neon underneath.

Good singer? I don't know. I hope so.

Indoors or Outdoors? Outdoors!

Do you have a job? I'm a writer, and a Child of God. (I also play the piano, and write songs)

Time finished: 10:00 pm

Let's see.....

I tag:

Anyone who has ever owned a pet
Watched TV
Loved to take pictures

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  1. By the way, it is impossible to count the # of times you have fallen off chairs!

  2. WHEN were you in a police car?

  3. Aunt Kim: Yes, I do fall off of chairs a lot. Haha, I almost did it at a youth activity the other week. Whoa. THAT would've been embarrassing. As for the police car, I have a whole other side that you don't know about. LOL, no, I was in one at VBS when they were doing the safety theme.

    David: Well, I've been talking about it with my mom. It would be as a missions trip. I'd really enjoy doing something like that.

  4. I see! That would be a lot of fun.

  5. Yes, it would. And it would be a really good experience. Plus, I like to help people.


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