I am a Writer

1:14 PM

Writing. It's not a career. It's something that is born in me.

Just the other day, I told my one friend, "I think that I might be a missionary."
"There's goes being a writer," she said.
I've had quite a few people say that to me. For example, I like politics a lot. So I told someone that I thought maybe I'd be a politician. They thought it over awhile and said, "I thought you wanted to be a writer?"
The fact is, people think that you're only a writer if you get books published. That's not true. I once read a book that writing isn't a career, it's a disease (or something like that).
I'm a writer because I love to write; I'm a writer because I was born that way. Whether I ever get any of my stories published or not, I am a writer. If I wanted to, I could be a politician. I can still write. In fact, I would probably be able to sell books more easily. : )

That's all. I must be torn away from my writing for a while. Goodbye, dear, fellow bloggers!

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  1. I agree with you 100%. I may be a teacher but I'm a writer in my heart.

  2. Yep. Hey, I get evaluated on Friday, don't I? How 'bout a sleepover, too?

  3. Sorry, Em, I didn't see this in enough time. Bummer. :(

  4. That's okay. Mee-mee and I were thinking about Thursday. haha, right now I'm at your house. :) hehe

  5. Your right Emily! You can be whatever you want to be. You have the talents, just dont lose the writer in you. ;-)

  6. Thanks! I have to tell that to myself a lot. Thankfully, though, I am blessed with family and friends who encourage me. And even though I worry that I'll lose my love of writing, I don't think that I will. I can never stop writing--and that shows clearly through this blog. Haha.


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