Do you ever

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Feel like dancing? You just get a sudden urge to waltz around the room. Maybe you go crazy; your mind flies out the window. But still, you love the feeling. Even if you get dizzy from spinning in circles.

I think that everyone has moments like that--though they deny it. First, you start to sway, and then you take off. Why do we do that, though? We do we feel like dancing? "Is it just me?" we ask ourselves. No. I do it. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels like dancing.

Do you ever feel like singing?

Just bursting out in song? Maybe you're by yourself, maybe you're around other people; but you still just sing. I feel like that all the time. When we're happy, we feel like singing--it's as simple as that.

I know that this is somewhat random. But this post just formed in my head. And I guess that's because I feeling like dancing and singing. And also because I give in. So, I thought I'd write it down (when an idea comes into my head, I almost always write it down). I suppose I'll go now. Have a great summer! And don't forget to sing every once in while!

My Photography Blog

Sunday, June 27, 2010

So, on Friday, Mark and I went on a bike hike with our Youth Group. My dad says it was probably about ten miles. I knew that it ended at Walmart, and it started near--Rhones, I think my dad said--but I didn't realized how far that was. The whole way there I was going, "It's so far, it's so far! It's soooo far!" It was really fun, though, and I didn't get too tired. I enjoyed it, and I got to talk with my friend Cassandra.

Next, I'd like to thank everyone for their comments on my song, Super Hero. You don't know how much I appreciated it--especially since it wasn't my best song.

Now for the real reason of this post. I am starting a Photography blog, and if you want to see it, you need to let me know, so I can send you an e-mail. Thanks!

Still One More Tag

Friday, June 25, 2010

How old are you? 14. But everyone already knows that, so, what's the point in asking it?

Is this your first tag? Nope. And it won't be my last.

Have you ever moved? Three times. I moved down the street when I was two, I moved into my brother's bedroom when I was six, and when I was seven, I moved in my old bedroom with Annie.

What is your favorite animal? Dog. My least favorite: flies. And chipmunks make me mad. I want to shoot them.

What is your favorite movie? Aaaa! This is a hard question for me to answer! My favorite movie changes ALL THE TIME!!! Um, how 'bout, Peter pan, Prince Caspian, The Princess Bride, The Blue and the Gray...South Pacific, Oklahoma...I think I got most of them.

What is your favorite book? I'll only write seven. Betsy-Tacy (the last six books), and Emily's Climb.

Are you an elf? I'm short.

Who do you like better,Peter Pevensie, or Prince Caspian? Peter Pevensie.

How long have you been riding?
Been riding what? I've been riding in a car since...I was three days old. And I rode a horse once. I also rode a pony once.

Who are your favorite Lord of the Rings characters? I've only seen the first movie, and I only saw it twice, but I think that I'm going to say...Sam.

Do you get a lot of homework? All my work is homework. Haha.

Do you think tagging is awesome? Yeah. Not as awesome as some other things, but it's awesome. In a way.

How many times a week do you ride a horse? Um, zero?

Do you like blogging? Yeah. Of course. YESSSS!!!!!

Do people think you're strange? They have every reason to.

Do you like getting comments on your blog? Yes!!! (hint hint)

Do you like getting new followers on your blog? Yeah!!!! (hint hint)

Do you get bored easily? I'm tired of answering these questions! *grins* No, actually I get excited easily. Although, I get bored easily with some things.

Do you have an awesome blog? Well, I like to think so. But I don't want to sound conceited.

How many followers do you have? 8. *sighs* Please follow me, if you haven't already! PLLLLEASE!

What was the scariest moment with a horse you have had? I thought our neighbor's horse was going to bite my fingers off. There goes playing the piano. And guitar. And flute. And a lot of other stuff. That wasn't really scary, though. Anyway, you--whoever wrote this--you seem to have an obsession with horses.

Do you like school? I like lunch. haha. I like literature.

Are you a good actress? I've been told I am. And hey, why should I argue. I like to believe people--it comes naturally.

Do you like music? Ahh, yes. Where would I be without it? Music is so important to me.

Do you like taking personality quizzes? Yes. It's always fun. Like, I found out that out of Jane Austen's characters, I'm most like Eleanor Dashwood. I was hoping for Emma, but I guess that's okay.

Do you like long or short posts? It depends. I like to write long posts, and I like to read short posts. (JK!) I like to read--and write--long posts. Although short and sweet can be nice, too.

Are you easily entertained? He-he, yes. So much so, that it's sad.

Are you going to tag someone else? Yeah. I tag:

Anyone who has ever told or laughed at a blond joke.

Tag...Once again

And here is yet another tag.....

What is the best summer holiday? The 4th of July!

In your opinion, what months are a part of summer? June, July, and August (although this year, May could be considered summer.)

How hot is too hot? When I'm burning up (and there is no air conditioning). I love hot weather.

What low temp. makes you bummed? 70 degrees and under.

What is one article of clothing you simply love, but you can only where is the summer? Shorts. And flip-flops. And tank tops are cool, too.

What's your favorite thing to do in the summer? Write (and swim, get together with family, dream, and write. And write. And write. I also love to write)

Where's your favorite place to be in the summer? My bedroom window. Writing.

Favorite scent for sunscreen? I like sunscreen that smells like....Sunscreen!

What is your swimsuit like? Mis-matched. I have blue swim shorts, a pink tankini top, and a blue rash guard. I should be getting a new one soon, and that will be more....matched.

You've just gotten home from the beach, you smell like? Sunscreen. And the great outdoors. Ah, fresh air!

Who are you going to tag?

Anyone who.......

Loves summer!

Tag! You're it

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Starting time:
9:40 pm

Name: Emily Paige



What are you wearing? Clothes. Haha. Shorts, and a t-shirt.

Favorite drink: Sweet tea (you've got to have Southern sweet tea!)

Favorite month? June!!!!

Favorite breakfast? Chocolate chip pancakes (with extra syrup!)

Love someone so much who made you cry? Yes.....

Broken a bone? Yep. And it wasn't fun.

Been in a police car? Actually, yes. *gulp*

Been on a boat? Yes, and I love it.

Came close to dying? Not really. But I feel like it sometimes.

Been in a hot tub? No. *starts to cry*

Swam in the ocean? Yeah. And I've drank the ocean, too. It's not very good.

Fallen asleep in school? Almost.

Cried when someone dies? Yeah.

Fallen off a chair? Oh, hahahaha, yes. Definitely. I am the Queen Of Falling Off Chairs.


Who did you last yell at? Brother and sister

Do you like filling these out ? Why else would I be doing it? (i.e. yes, I like doing tags)

Do you like yourself? Sometimes.

--------------Today did you---------------

Talk to someone you like? Of course.

Got sick? Maybe a little bit.

Sing? Um-hm. I sang A LOT today.

-------------------Last person who-----------------

You talked to on the phone with? think my Mee-Mee.

Made you cry? I don't know. Myself?

Went to the mall with? My mom. And sister. Along with my brother. And my Mee-Mee was there, too.

Been to Europe? No. Ah, but I want to, though. That's a dream vacation spot!

Been to Asia? No.

Been to Russia? No.

Been to the Bahamas? My dad has. I think.

Been to Mexico? Practically. I've been to Texas. Haha.

Been to Canada? Yes! (Finally, I can answer yes!)

Been to Africa? No. But I might go.

---------------------Final questions--------------------

What are you listening to? America's Funniest Home Videos.

Do you hate someone in your family? No!!! I love my family. My family is awesome.

What car do you wish to have? A dark blue convertible Mustang, with a super charger, and blue neon underneath.

Good singer? I don't know. I hope so.

Indoors or Outdoors? Outdoors!

Do you have a job? I'm a writer, and a Child of God. (I also play the piano, and write songs)

Time finished: 10:00 pm

Let's see.....

I tag:

Anyone who has ever owned a pet
Watched TV
Loved to take pictures

Super Hero

Sunday, June 20, 2010

This is a song a wrote last week for Fathers Day (and Mothers day). I just thought I'd put it on here to show my appreciation for my dad.

Happy Fathers Day, Daddy. I love you!

Super Hero

Played with me
Dad, you were always there.
Taught me how to ride a bike
Swung me through the air.
I just hope
One day I'll find the words
To say what I want to say


If I had to describe you in a word
I'd say perfect
Everything that I need to know
You taught it
And if you
Want to know
My super hero
Is you
You gave me
All the love I'll ever need
Mom, you were a farmer
Who planted a seed
I just hope
That someday
I'll find the words to say


If I had to describe you in a word
I'd say perfect
Everything that I need to know
You taught it
And in case you
Want to know
My super hero
Is you


Some kids look up to superman
But I will always look up to you
Mom and Dad


Cuz If I if I had to describe you in a word
I'd say perfect
Everything that I need to know
You taught it
And if you want to know
My super hero
My super duper
Oh so super hero
Is you

I am a Writer

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Writing. It's not a career. It's something that is born in me.

Just the other day, I told my one friend, "I think that I might be a missionary."
"There's goes being a writer," she said.
I've had quite a few people say that to me. For example, I like politics a lot. So I told someone that I thought maybe I'd be a politician. They thought it over awhile and said, "I thought you wanted to be a writer?"
The fact is, people think that you're only a writer if you get books published. That's not true. I once read a book that writing isn't a career, it's a disease (or something like that).
I'm a writer because I love to write; I'm a writer because I was born that way. Whether I ever get any of my stories published or not, I am a writer. If I wanted to, I could be a politician. I can still write. In fact, I would probably be able to sell books more easily. : )

That's all. I must be torn away from my writing for a while. Goodbye, dear, fellow bloggers!

Pictures from Camping!!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Well, I'm back. I had a great time this Memorial Day weekend. As soon as we got there, Mark, David, and I went on a bike ride. It was dark when we got back and a police officer told us not to ride at night. A police officer, mind you, not a park ranger. Oh, I'm a criminal! I'll never be able to drive now! *cries and wails*
On Saturday, we went to the beach and swam in the lake. Then, we played volleyball. I got a tan! Although, I payed a price for it. Haha. My tan was a sunburn first, and I got heat sick. I missed the hamburgers and hot-dogs that night for supper :( I just didn't have an appetite. I guess that's what I get for wanting a tan. Lol.
There was a lot of Dutch Blitz played. And then there was a never ending Uno game. haha. We were up until 11:00. Then we tried Mad Gab. My team got all the easy answers. It was hilarious listening to Jackie and Jim. Can anyone say, "The Star Spangled Banner"? That was they're easiest one.We also played Apples to Apples. Some people were pretty happy until they started to lose. And I only won once (no, it wasn't me). Anyway, we had fun, and there were a lot of good laughs.
On Sunday, we had church. Then we had lunch. I must say, it was quite good. At 6:00 (actually it was more like 6:15) we had homemade ice-cream. That was AWESOME! After that, we went swimming and played volleyball. At dark, we went to the playground and played capture the flag. All I will say is: there is no doubt that you can be blinded by a flashlight.

And now, here are my pictures. Not all of them, of course. You'd probably get bored by all of them. There are a few scenery ones, and ones of my mom (she doesn't like her picture taken) that aren't on here. The majority of my pictures were of Londan. Oh, she's so cute!

This is a picture of the group at church.

This one is of Mark, trying to unfold the most stupid chair EVER.
Volleyball! (My dad took these pictures.)
I like this picture of David getting ready to hit the ball. It's cool.
The guys team. (Mark, David, and Jim. haha, they were.... an interesting trio)
The girls team. (Me, Jackie, and Mr. Tim--he joined our team after it was called the girls team. And Annie's in the picture because she liked to stand in the middle of everything.)
The game. haha. It was fun. I need to work on hitting the ball, though. LOL ;)

I might put more on here later. Right now I'm going to go. I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day; I did. When I got home, I went swimming in our pool (!!!!!) and then Morgan and Bethanie came over and we went swimming again. It was fun. See ya!