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2:27 PM

Well, I must answer these questions because I got tagged. When I'm through, I'll tag someone. For example, if I say, "I tag anyone who plays football" then if you play football, you have to answer these questions on your on blog. So, without further adieu, I will start answering the questions.

1. How many toes do you have?

Ten (once I thought I was going to have nine, though. Long story)

2. How many bones have you broken?
One. It was actually a driving accident (please keep any comments to yourself)

3. Name an epic thing that you have done.

I went on a roller coaster. It took bravery, believe me. Especially since I had two people telling me, "you're gonna die, you're gonna die!"

4. If you had a pet lemming, what would you name him?

5. What color are the clothes you're wearing right now?
Blue jeans, brown jacket, and....a brown, blue, white, orange, and pink plaid shirt.

6. How awesome are orca whales on a scale of one to ten?
I don't know. 8 and 3/4?

What's a song that could be your theme song?
Breakaway. Definitely Breakaway. Or The Climb (are you starting to see a pattern here?)

8. How old do you want to be when you die?
100! Of course, my motto is, "when it's my time to go, it's my time to go." But It'd be awesome if my time to go is when I'm 100.

9. Name a pet peeve and an addiction.
Addiction: writing

Pet peeve: pessimists

10. Write a paragraph detailing your life. 100 word minimum.
I was born in a hospital with doctors who graduated from a medical school, I went to a brick school, then shortly after became homeschooled, was forced to share a room with a little brother, then became free only to find I had to share a room with a screaming baby who loves to kick and grinds her teeth. My eyes changed from blue to blueish-greenish-gray, I sprouted up but only to 5 ft 1 and 1/2, and I love flip-flops. I am very random :), and I am a born-again Christian American writer. Ninety-eight words (including numbers, and smiley faces) for # 10! So close to the maximum!

11. Name one thing that isn't really a secret, but that you haven't really gotten around to telling anyone.
I spend a lot of time writing songs. Like A LOT of time.

12. Name another pet peeve.
People who spend there life trying to be popular.

13. Sprechen Sie deutsch?
That is German! I think it means, " Do you speak German?" The literal translation being, "Speak you German?"

14. Tell a joke.
Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to the other side! hahahahahaha!

(I personally think that joke is pointless)

15. How many of the questions have you answered in a witty manner so far?
I don't know. What do you think?

16. Compose a haiku.
Huh? I'll have to come back to this one after a little research.

17. Have you ever noticed how sour candies taste even more sour if you rub them on the side of your tongue?
No, not really. Of course, I could have noticed before, and just forgot. I am blond, you know.

18. What book(s) are you reading at the moment?

Shakespeare! To be more specific, I'm reading a book version of Much Ado About Nothing. Tomorrow, I'm going to start reading Plutarch again (hopefully!), and I'm also reading Emily's Climb (one of three novels that gave me Em's Alpine Path) for the second time.

19. How many doors are there in your house?
Twelve and a half (another long story). Counting closets, it would be seventeen and a half.

20. How would you solve a problem like Maria?
I'm not sure. Oh, now I know! I'd send her to be a governess for some kids and then she'd be someone else's problem.

21. Think of something about yourself. Anything. Go on, think of it.
I'm short and I want to be a writer.

Now think of something more interesting. Write it down here.

Okay. Um, I love to daydream and now I'm hooked on writing music, not only books. When I say
I'm gonna stop writing, I can't.

22. What's wrong with your hands?
Nothing. That I know of. Sometimes they fall asleep. Oh, and I am always tapping my fingers on something. My friend Sarah is double jointed in her thumbs.

24. What's your favorite show tune?
Hold on. Uhh.... That would have to be Can I have this Dance from High School Musical 3.

25. Okay, you can tell us what that first thing you thought of for number 21 was. We all want to know.
Nothing. My mind went blank. Then the next thing I thought about was how short I am.

There. I'm done. Now let's see...I tag anyone who....

Love's the color blue
Has dreams (not the kind at night, but daydreams--has goals and aspirations)
Plays an instrument
Likes movies

Okay. That's all. I must get off now. I hope you found my answers interesting. I can't wait to read yours!

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  1. oh Emily, you got me with the likes movies tag... now I have to do this. :-P

  2. Ooo good! I'm glad I tagged someone! If I wanted to make extra sure, though, I should've said, "anyone who's ever smiled." Hopefully that would have got someone... :)

  3. yea, i think that would have covered everyone. ;-)

  4. Yep. It should have. Hey, do you know that our van is broken. Now we have to drive the suburban. Oh, I love how it's like a truck. Although my mom had to back up in it at someplace where she could have bumped it into something, so I told her to "go left" "stop" and stuff like that. It was pretty cool. And we obviously lived (otherwise I wouldn't be writing this) so, I must give good directions! (jk) :))

  5. Yea I know its broken. Its good she didnt hit anything. I know those suburbans are pretty stinkin big. lol

  6. oh and you skipped question 7...

  7. Oops. I'll have to fix that.

  8. yea, make up a question and I'll put it on mine.

  9. Okay - you got me on the color blue....

  10. The color blue is awesome.


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