A Summer Day for a Summer Girl

12:59 PM

All of you should know by now that I love summer. I mean, I do talk about it a lot. Well, it's here! Technically. It's 95.8 degrees out. Man, is our house hot! I hope it isn't too hot when we're camping; otherwise, we aren't going to want to be at the park. We would get to swim, though.

And that leads me to the point of this post: Goodbye, everyone! Goodbye for two days! Have a good Memorial Day! Remember the reason for Memorial Day, too. There's a song that Morgan wrote for Memorial Day, but I forget how it goes. I wish I could put it on here.

I guess that wraps up yet another post. I'm going to miss posting while I'm gone, but not too much. After all, it is camping. Ah, I looove camping. Now I'm going to go. I have to get busy packing. And I have to get a flag so we can play Capture the Flag while camping. That's basically all we do the whole weekend (yep, it's true. We practically do). I'll talk to ya Monday (and if not Monday, Tuesday). Bye!

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  1. emily, my background is still not the one I want. it's ok

  2. Did you play capture the flag at all this weekend?

  3. Yeah. It was fun. And we played around 10:00 p.m. on Sunday.

  4. I'll try and fix it, Sarah.


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