Hello all you people!

3:12 PM

Is it hot out or what? The thermometer at my house said 91 degrees, but I'm sure it's gotten hotter. Phew! I love summer, so I'm glad it's warm, but I have to clean the camper since we're going camping on Friday (as if you didn't already know, and it is so hot in there! It's like a green house.

I'm not sure whether or not you know this, but our van was broken for a while (that's why we were using the "sub". Well, now, the "sub's" brakes broke (that is so fun to say). And the "sub" is our towing vehicle. Soooo...You can imagine that getting it fixed is at the top of our To Do list.

I just got finished taking my eighth grade test. Whoopee! I'm glad that's over. Really, it wasn't that bad (since I found out that if I fail I won't have to stay in eighth grade.

Well, I must go. Like, immediately (I know, the like shouldn't have been there--bad grammar). I believe that it's time to go to the store. See ya!

P.S. since I'm getting off in a rush, there may be some typos. I'll try and fix em' later.

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