Goin' Campin'

1:30 PM

This isn't gong to be a very long post. I just wanted to write down how excited I am about school being over (yes, I love school, but I love having it out of the way, too!), and going camping! (My personal fav)

Most of you who know me know that every Memorial Day weekend, my clans (mom's side and dad's side) go camping at a lake. Just let me say as calm as I can, IT IS AWESOME! (was that calm enough for ya? haha) There will be good food (my family really knows how to cook), hours playing capture the flag (deadly, but fun), Dutch Blitz (I will try as hard as I can not to play with both hands--I do it unconsciously! But I am getting better), I can hang out with my cousins...And this year, I have a really nice bike! It has brakes (oh, how glad I am! This is a high luxury that I am not used to! lol), gears (the ones on my other bike were outta whack), and suspension! Whoo-Hoo for off-roading! Finally, I can ride on the trails nice and smoothly, instead of flying over my handlebars. BTW, here is a picture of my nice BLUE (I love blue!) bike.

(Those are my dad's legs. He didn't know I was taking a picture)

At first, I thought that my bike was too tall for me. Now I know it is. Just kidding! (that was my attempt at a joke. I know that it was not a very good one, so please forgive me.)

I think that's all I'm going to write now. I'm going to go work on one of my books, all the while hoping that the grass grows so I can mow it (Mark did it without me, and it's been week since I've mowed. Oh, I love to mow the grass!). Well, I hope that I have not bored you (I'd hate to do that). If I have though, you will not be bored for long, because I'm going to get off. Bye! And have a great week! (Correction: weekend) Have a great weekend!

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  1. A short post eh? :-P I can't wait for hammond either! :-)

  2. Oh my word, I forgot that it was going to be short. Ooops. Actually though, it wasn't that long. :) I'm going to call Jacob and tell him he better come. Is Natalie coming?

  3. I'm not sure, she better be!!! I will be seeing her monday. I will ask her, nope, tell her she needs to come also! :-P

  4. I want you to know that the old bike worked fine when I gave it to you. You beat it into the ground! Just kidding. I'm glad you got a new one!

  5. I probably did. But hey, I have to keep up with the other kids. :) And it wasn't just me who beat it into the ground! :))


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