"Cast off" Day

5:37 PM

Well, I have to clean, so I'll be brief. Mark get's his cast off tomorrow! YEA!!! Why am I so excited, you ask? Because then he can do things for himself. It's not that I don't enjoy helping. I just....Well, it gets a little tiring doing things for your eleven year-old brother for about a month. Plus, then we can have a better time camping.

That's all I have time for. I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow is the big "cast-off" day. And for those of you who I tagged on the last post, I can't wait to read your answers! See ya'll later!

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  1. Not to mention he can play baseball again. :-P I hope everything goes well tomorrow!

  2. Well, he got back from the doc's and we just found out that Marky boy can't play baseball for the rest of the year. I feel bad for him. He wanted to play catch tonight, but he can't--not until 2011! Poor guy :(

  3. Yea that really stinks... But now he doesn't have to worry about it! :-)

  4. Yeah, that's true. I still miss playing catch with him, though. :(


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