Thank you... (for many things)

4:25 PM

Thank you to all who voted on the poll. I'd like to know what everyone voted for (hint-hint). I had a very good birthday yesterday (thanks for all the happy birthday wishes--they worked!), and I got what I wanted. Seriously, I'm not disappointed. That doesn't mean I don't want a car anymore. I still want a car, and I still want to drive. I learned in science today that on Venus, I would be 22 years old. So, my plan is to go to the drivers licence place and say I'm 22. The people who work their will say, "no you're not," and I'll say, "yes I am." Then they'll say, "on what planet do you live on?" (implying that I'm crazy--not all there--you get the point), and I'll tell them, "Venus." Oh, my sneaky plan will work for sure (not). Haha, well, I can dream, can't I?

That's all for now. I'll try to put some pictures of my new bike on here, and maybe some other pictures from my b-day. By the way, the homemade ice-cream was AWESOME!

P.S. Today it was 86 degrees and right now it is 85 degrees.

P.P.S. I really must stop this P.S. thing; it's becoming a habit.

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  1. How old would I be on Venus then!?! :-P

  2. I'm glad you had a great birthday. Isn't this weather a little crazy? It's only April. It kinda freaks me out because I know it will get cold again and I feel like I'm all on edge for when that will happen. LOL I have problems!

    I want to come play Family Feud again soon!

  3. David: you would be 31, I think.

    Aunt Kim: I personally like this weather. I know what you mean, though. If a cold day comes I'll be in a bad mood. haha. You don't have problems, I have problems. lol. I LOVE family feud! Mark and Annie do, too; I haven't got a chance to get on that much thanks to them. You'll have to come over and play it sometime.

  4. 31, hmm, i am old on venus... :-(

  5. No, that's not too old. Although, when I told Annie, I'd be 22, she said, "wow you'll have white hair!" It's funny how when you're little like that, kids my age seem old. haha.

  6. haha. wow emily, its been awhile since you wrote anything!

  7. Yes, I know! Ten days! Aaaa! I really am sorry. This is really unusual. I'm going to go post right now! :)


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