Spring Brings..... Allergies : (

12:16 PM

I love spring. The blue skies, getting to be outside after months of confinement, the green grass... But I don't love allergies (*duh, who doesn't?* you wonder). I've never really had allergies before (yay me!!) but this year...I've got a cough and my throat is scratchy. Part of me says that it isn't allergies, it's just a cold (the part that is proud of never having allergies, unlike the rest of my family, who always get them). I think that I got the scratchy throat from Mark, who got it first (why couldn't he give me something better like, $$$$, or his room, or...his ability to make people laugh?). But, I have whatever I have just the same.

Well, we got some books at the book sale at Mansfield. Nothing much (of course, I did get to eat at Wendy's, and that was awesome). I got two Nancy Drew books, though, and that made me happy. Annie got a Little Bear video and has already watched it twice (whoopee). The James V. Brown library book sale is tonight and my mom's going to that. I bet that there will be at least two other homeschoolers there; homeschoolers love book sales (at least, most of the homeschoolers I know do).

Hey guess what!? May is homeschool month at Hershey Park! Homeschool groups get 45% off the admission (or something like that) if they get registered (or something along those lines). Just thought I'd let you know. And, maybe if my mom reads this post, she'll take the hint! :)))

I just realized that Talents for Christ is only a week away from Saturday. Aaaaa! I don't think there's much more left to say.

That wraps up my post for now, except that I would like to wish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Andrea (I think it's her birthday. 17th to be exact). I wish you many more, too!

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  1. Hmm...sounds like a family trip to Hershey Park is in order!

  2. Awee thanks Emily!! Yep 17 :) Ah yes i know the feeling of allergies, achoo...

  3. You're welcome, Andrea. Alright, I've got another vote, right David? I would LOVE to go to Hershey park. If you don't go, I'd have no one to ride roller coasters with. Although from what I'll heard, some of the Hershey park ones are sorta fast and scary--but that sounds cool :)))


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