Hey, Ya'll!

6:08 PM

Soooo. Tonight my brother had a baseball game. Of course, he didn't play (poor guy). This was supposed to be the year that he hit his homerun : )

I got to drive the tractor yesterday! Yippee! I love to get behind steering wheels. Then this morning, Mark and I were talking about fixing up cars when we're older and taking them to the drag strip. Now, don't get my wrong--I'm not a tomboy. I like being a girl. But I do love cars. My mom told me that girls can't race at the drag strip, though : ( So, Mark said he'll drive my cars for me (of course, that takes out half the fun). But, my cousin Jacob and I are planning on racing at the drag strip when no one's there (we were going to do it on the backroads, but when my family found out, they said, "NO WAY!)

This afternoon, I worked on a song with Morgan, and it turned out well, if I do say so myself. Then, I went inside and had lunch (which I actually had at 2:30, because I was outside. Mark was also burning the paper and when Morgan and I went to say hi, I saw Mark running towards the burner barrel with a bucket of water. I thought, "oh boy." It all turned out well in the end, though.

Well, I must go. Supper is ready. Hot dogs! YUM! Then it's off to work on The Full Measure of Devotion. Thanks for all the comments on that, by the way!

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  1. Girls can definitely race at the drag strip and I think its pretty stinkin' cool when they do! :-P

    I got a laugh out of Mark running with the water to the burner barrel. haha

  2. I loved the way your song sounded last night. Morgan is awesome at guitar!! Your lyrics are beautiful too :)

  3. David--it was funny. Haha, I will forever remember it. And I'll have to tell my mom about girls racing. Just take Herbie fully loaded, for example, I'll tell her.

    Andrea-- Thanks! Was that the song on my camera? I'll have to show it to you when it's finished.


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