Happy Birthday to Me!

4:21 PM

Well, today I am fourteen years old. So far it has been a completely WONDERFUL birthday.

The day started out like any other birthday. I woke up early, got dressed, heard "happy birthday from every member of my family (except Annie, she was asleep), and then went out for the traditional birthday breakfast with my dad.
We went to Dunkin Donuts and got a dozen donuts (and a french vanilla latte. The smell is really deceiving--it smells so good, and then you take a sip and it's kinda bitter. I knew that from previous experiences, though. Just a side note). Before I ordered, my dad told me that we were going to look at bikes. Just so you all understand, I have been asking for a new bike for a long time (not as long as the car, though. I have explained that if they don't get me a bike, but get me a car instead, I would totally understand and still love them). The one I have isn't very good; the brakes don't work too well (they squeak and they won't stop); and it has no springs. Just imagine what it's like when I do off- roading or jump ramps. Ouch.
So, then we went to Walmart to look at bikes. I saw one I liked and much to my surprise, my dad said, "okay, let's go check out." I was astonished. I thought we were only pricing bikes. Anyway, I love my new bike that has front and back springs, and (oh, how wonderful!) brakes--that work. I haven't been able to try out my bike yet, though, because my dad has to adjust it; he says that the people at Walmart obviously don't know how to assemble bikes. I was practically jumping off the walls, I was so happy. I told my dad, if I'm this happy over a bike, think how much more happy I would be if he gets me a car. He then said, "I'm not getting you a car." There is a dark blue convertible mustang (I'm guessing it's a 2003 or 2004) in Muncy for only $4,695. My dad says that the reason it's that price is because there's probably something wrong with it. I said I knew that, but I also knew that I am blessed with a family that knows how to fix cars (not in that wording, though. I just said someone could fix it. But you get the idea).
When I got home, we ate the Donuts and then I got to open another present (it was from Mark and Annie). I opened it and found out that it was not one but three presents: a Lego Star Wars Wii game, Star Wars IV (with Harrison Ford--yay!), and Night at the Museum 2 Battle of the Smithsonian (I love that movie!).
Later, David came down and gave me an old Ford key to put on the key chain that he got me for Christmas. I like it. It's so nice to have a key to put on a key chain). Then aunt Maryann came down and gave me some presents. I got a card in the mail from my aunt Carlene and her family--a Hoops and Yoyo card (I am a major Hoops and Yoyo fan).
Tonight, my grandparents and aunt are coming over for my birthday dinner. I'm having hot dogs and baked beans (is that awesome or what?!) with green bean casserole for supper, and for dessert, there will be homemade ice-cream and brownies (I will be putting my ice-cream on top of my brownie.

Thank you for reading this post. I will write more later. Thank you mom, who got me my bike, thank you David, for the key you gave me, and thank you to Mee-Mee and Aunt Kim, for the presents you got me, that I haven't opened yet.

P.S. Today is a beautiful day; our thermometer says 82.3 degrees. Awesome!

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  1. I can't wait to see you ride that bike around Hammond!

  2. Your Welcome! And I can't believe you didn't come up and offer me some home made ice cream... :-( And when are we going to see some nice stunts on that new bike? :-P

  3. Sorry, David.:( Mark ate all the leftovers. I'll have to watch that kid. haha. Um, I'm not sure that I'll be doing stunts any time soon. I'm not used to the good brakes, and sometimes I almost fly over the handlebars. The suspension is awesome! I ran over our sidewalk, and I could hardly feel it. Ahh, I love that bike.

  4. I'm so glad that you had a happy birthday and you are very welcome for the gifts from Pappy and me. Emily, you have brought joy into our lives from the moment you were born. We love you very much.

  5. Awwwwww! Thanks! I love you too!


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