Almost Gone

8:00 PM

I don't really have time to write--we're going to watch a movie. But I would like to share with you all that I almost died today. Haha, not really.

I was mowing the grass, and our tractor made a really weird noise, and I thought it was going to blow up (everyone always laughs when I say that--but seriously, if you woulda been there, you wouldn'ta been laughin--I know, "bad grammar"). I did have a fun time though, and I am still alive (thank goodness). *Although* you think *if this crazy girl would have been blown into a million pieces, then I wouldn't have to be reading this blog ever again.* But hey, it's your choice!

Well, I must go now. It has been a beautiful and wonderful day (or beautifully wonderful day or wonderfully beautiful day) and I would like to write about it, but I can't. See ya, and thanks for reading!

P.S. I wrote another song today!

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  1. Were you driving the BIG tractor? I'm not sure I approve of that! LOL I'm glad you didn't die. I kinda like you.

  2. No, I was driving the honda. Haha, I kinda like me too. I have a pretty good life. Anyway, my dad won't let me drive the big tractor--or anyone else for that matter. lol.


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