Why we Do What we Do

1:39 PM

Have any of you ever wondered that?--Why we do what we do? Why do some of us write? Why do some of us dedicate our lives to music; acting; sports. Why?

I have been thinking about that a lot. The answer is very plain: God made us like that. He has a plan for our lives that includes a gift He has given us; God gave us something that we enjoy doing. Something that we can use for His glory. And that's why we're here: to bring glory to God.

If you really, truly enjoy doing something, then maybe God has given you a gift. And maybe you can use it for Him. If God gave you something that you love to do, then try and do it--use your talent! Sometimes you will ask yourself why you are doing what your doing. Sometimes you will want to give up. But don't! You have something that God gave you--something you enjoy --something that you're good at. It is hard, though. Sometimes I wonder why I pretend I can write. Why I'm going to so much trouble to make myself a better writer--it's no use. But then I remember how much I love to write; how I express myself through writing; that God made me like that. I will not let those mountains in the distance keep me from my goal--don't let them keep you from yours! You've got to climb. That's what I'm trying to do. I named this blog after a book that helped my to remember that. That's where I got the poem that I wrote under my blog title. That's why I named my blog Em's Alpine Path. Climb! That's what we've got to do; don't let you're talents go to waste. You can use them for God. And you can enjoy them.

"Then whisper, blossom, in thy sleep
How I may upward climb
The Alpine Path, so hard, so steep,
That leads to heights sublime.
How I may reach that far-off goal
Of true and honored fame
And write upon its shining scroll
A woman's humble name."
-L.M. Montgomery

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  1. Very very true Emily! I wish there was a "like" button on here like on Facebook! :-P

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Emily. I need to rediscover my love of writing. It's so easy to let it get pushed aside in the daily grind of life.

  3. David--Thank you sooo much! I'll see if there's anything like that.

    Aunt Kim-- You're welcome. A lot of the times it does get pushed aside. That's why I post stuff like that--to remind myself.


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