What's happening a week from today..And a thank you

6:09 PM

Today has been an exciting day because...In exactly one week I will be fourteen. Okay, maybe it's not so exciting for you, but that's not my problem. Hey, I have I right to be excited, haven't I? After all, in two years I will be behind the wheel of a car--driving. Not dreaming about driving, like I do now, but DRIVING. Ah, that will be the life. Also, in one week, my friend Andrea will be having a volleyball tournament. Good luck Andrea! If you could all pray that her team does well, I'd appreciate it (and I'm sure she would, too).

That's really all I have to say (I know, "how boring is that?"), so I guess I'll get off. Before I do though, I'd like to thank everyone for leaving comments on my blog and following. I love followers! Thanks and luv ya!

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  1. Yup Emily. You have every right to be excited. I think if your not excited, then there is something wrong with you. haha ;-)

  2. Phew! *wipes sweat off of forehead and sighs heavily* I sure am glad about that. I just hope that it's nice and warm for my b-day. I want sunshine!

  3. Well, since it was cold the year you were born, anything other than snow will be an improvement!


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