Spring is tomorrow!!!! (e.i. Yea!!!!)

10:35 AM

Hello, everyone! I'm in an especially good mood today. Why? Because we've had three beautiful days in a row and tomorrow is spring. Plus, I've been able to wear capris and flip-flops, and have my window open (yes! Welcome, good old days of endless writing ideas!) as I mentioned in my last post.

Right now, I'm trying to get ready for Talents for Christ(all of you should know what that is by now). I'm going to do a flute solo, a trio with Sarah and Andrea, and extemporaneous writing. I'd also like to do photography, but I can't get any good pictures. So, I'll be thinking about that.

Then, Sunday night is Youth Night. I had to write a welcome. I hope people like it. But if they don't like it, I don't blame them.

I suppose that's all I'll write now. I just had a Subway sub for lunch, so now I'm happy. (I also have to get off because my mom is kicking me off)


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  1. I wore flip flops today too - my toes were so happy to be free!

  2. I love flip-flops. Sadly, my father does not.


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