Spring has Come

1:25 PM

Today is the first day of spring! Oh, I'm so glad! Tonight for supper we're having hot dogs on the grill--as a celebration, my dad says. I'm very happy with the first day of spring. Not too hot (I don't mind hot weather too much, as long as I can swim), not too cold, a nice breeze, the sun is out...And it's a Saturday--my whole family is here:Dad, Mom, me, Mark and Annie.

Here's a really random question that just popped into my head: we do we (everyone in general) call our parents mom and dad? Why don't we call them by their first names? (There's random ol' me again. Why am I so random?)

I have to start my birthday list today (actually, I started it before we left for Texas, but I still need to work on it). By the way, am I the only one who thinks that I won't get a car this year?

Thank you all for reading this post. None of you can imagine what it's like to know that people take the time to read my posts that are very random. Now that you read it, go out and enjoy the nice day! Happy Spring!

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  1. Yea Emily, I wouldn't have your hopes too high for a car this year for your birthday... You have a little while before you would be able to use it. No sense in letting it sit around!! (or you could let me drive it. ;-) I promise, no burnouts! haha) And we call them mom and dad because they are our mother and father (those are our nicknames for them I guess) and it just makes it personal. Umm, let me know if you get that... :-P haha

  2. ahh birthday lists are fun! i have no idea what I want for my birthday yet. I wish I were as lucky as you to get a car ;) I will try to help our team win that tournament for you!!

  3. Yes, David I understand. lol. Sorry, but I'm not sure that I'd trust my car with anyone other than me. Not even my parents. Please win it, Andrea! You must! My birthday will be ruined otherwise. So you can't lose it, now. haha.

  4. P.S. I will be the only one doing burnouts. (Just not when my mom or dad are around) lol

  5. Well someone has to show you how! ;-)


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