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10:37 PM

So here are the rest of the zoo pictures. If you want a close up of the pictures, you can click on the pictures. Of course, I think that the pictures, are going to big close ups. Well, it will probably be hard, but enjoy!

Boot Hill. This was outside the old time town.

This is "Texas Town". The zoo made a small old fashioned town. It was cool.
Another picture of the town.
A baby longhorn. Except without the longhorns.
This is a brown recluse. It's toward the top. It's also sort of hard to see.
A black widow. One of the most poisonous spiders in the world. It sort of sticks out.
Tarantula. Need I say anymore? They were actually kind of cool.
A centipede. It was really big. Sorry that you can't really see it.
This is a close up of a scorpion. They were really small.
I know you can't really see it, but this is a falcon-I think.
I can't remember what this is. Maybe this was the falcon. No, I'm pretty sure that the one above is.
A jaguar--once again, I'm pretty sure. (They have them in Texas)
The back side of a bobcat. I couldn't get the front.
The backside of a porcupine. It obviously isn't very photogenic--it wouldn't turn around.
A black bear. The picture wasn't that good.
We have black bear at home. But I wouldn't want to get this close at home. Unless it was in another zoo. And the bear was behind bars. (Once again, this picture isn't that good, either.)
An otter. It wouldn't hold still. But they were cute!
Alligator. It was BIG! I wanted to see one when we were in Louisiana, but I didn't. :( (No one else wanted to, though!)

A toucan. You can't really see it, though. What is it with me and bad pictures?
There were all sorts of birds in this big cage and you could walk inside. The zoo workers gave you sticks with bird seeds on the end and you could walk up to the birds and feed them.
"Don't be shy"
More birds. They were all over.
An American Bald Eagle. It was really cool. I love these birds.
Two rattlesnakes. We have these at home, too. If you click this picture, you can see the two snakes better.
A mountain lion. Or cougar. I think there are other names, but I forget them all. Oh yeah--big cat. This was a male and he was pacing back and forth, showing that this was HIS territory.
The cougar pacing back and forth.
This is the other cougar, the males sister. He was growling at her and making all sorts of other sounds--he was telling her to back off; this is his ground. They were cool.

Guess what! I am almost definitely going to be home this Sunday or Monday. Then I can show you my pictures if you want.

Some things that happened this week:
#1. Flat tire (two days ago)
#2. Wore my flip-flops (yea!) (yesterday)
#3. Stuck my feet in the Gulf of Mexico (the water wasn't that bad. there were people at the beach in their bathing suits-whether or not they were swimming, I'm not sure) (yesterday)

Well, I will get off now. Mark just came back from swimming in the indoor pool. I didn't want to go. We're staying in Vicksburg Mississippi tonight and tomorrow, we go to the the battlefield. (BTW, people here have really thick accents. I'm talkin' 'bout major Southern style, ya'll! The ladies call you honey and babe; they're all so friendly!) That's all. Good-bye! (Hey, when I get home, should I show you what I mean with the Southern accent.)

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  1. Thanks for the pictures, Emily. I love seeing them and I think you managed to get pretty good ones. I'm glad you had a good time, but I'm glad you are home. I missed you. I need to SEE you soon.

  2. heyy emily, all these pictures are so great! I was just wondering, today you seemed really different. it may have just been me, but you didn't seem all smiley and happy like you usually are. Is everything ok? Im just a little worried, but it may just be nothing. Hope you have a great week!

  3. Well Emily, it looks like you had a good time. I'm glad you got to experience it! Its something you will never forget!

  4. Yes, I did have a good time. I don't think I ever wil forget it. Although, I'm soo glad to be back with my family (you and all the rest of 'em) and my friends (Andrea and the rest of 'em-you also fall into that category, too)

    Andrea-I'm glad you like the pictures! Yeah, everything is okay. I only had six hours of sleep so I was tired. Thanks of thinking of me, though. It's really good to know that I have friends that care about me. Hope you have a great week too! Love ya!


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