In San Antonio

5:20 PM

So, we finally found a hotel. It took a while. I'm in San Antonio. There are palm trees right outside my window, and the outdoor swimming pool is open (I personally think that it's too cold to be swimming outdoors right now. They have an indoor one, though).

Today in the car, it was bright with blue skies and then all of a sudden it started to rain. Out of nowhere. Then it stopped just as soon as it started. It kept doing that, off and on, real sudden. That's what happens out west.

Then, Mark and I were seeing who could make each other laugh first. He always makes me laugh, so I always lose. But today was different. I did something to make Mark laugh, but instead I made myself laugh. It was pitiful. Humiliating. Mark thought so, too. How could someone be so pathetic? *sigh* Oh well. It was funny.

Mark and me also saw our first Chucky Cheese's today. Some people might be shocked at that, but it's true.

On Wednesday, we leave for Huston. Then we'll be home in one week! Wow.

Well, I suppose I will get off now. Thank you all for taking the time to read this post. I will post some pics tonight. Good-bye!

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  1. I think you should jump in that outside pool! LOL Just kidding.

  2. Its not pitiful that you make yourself laugh Emily. You just have a great sense of humor! It makes life fun. :-) I have never seen a Chucky Cheese either. And you definitely need to put a pic or two up!!!

  3. I will not jump in the outdoor pool. It's quite breezy. Thanks for saying I have a great sense of humor, David! (I'm not sure whether or not that's good or bad. haha) See ya'll (there's the Texan influence) later. Right now I'm off to see the Alamo.

  4. Oh its a good thing Emily! :-) So how was the Alamo?

  5. The Alamo was really cool. It's in the middle of town, though, so you have to imagine what it was like in 1836. lol. You might think this is funny, but there were two shirts I liked. I couldn't decide between the two, so I bought them both. haha. Hey! Guess what! I will be home a week from tomorrow! I'll have to show you the pictures I don't get on here. I took I picture of a Texan sunset.

  6. haha, so what kind of shirts were they? Wow, a week!?! And I will be looking forward to seeing your pictures! :-)

  7. One's gray and says remember the Alamo 1836. The other one is brown with blue letters and picture-it also says remember the Alamo. haha. Oh well.I'll have lots of pictures to show. And guess what! I talked to my mom over the phone today and I'm going to the Wilds! Hey, has Londan got any bigger? (That was really random, I know)

  8. Emily I am sooo happy to hear that you are going to camp!!! You are going to have an amazing time :) It looks like you and mark and your grandparents are having a blast!! We miss you a lot. Can't wait till you get home!! YOU'VE NEVER SEEN A CHUCKY CHEESE!??!?! wow, thats shocking lol. Well thats awesome that you finally got to see one haha! Love you and miss you lots Emily!

  9. Thanks! I miss you too! I'll be home on Sunday, though. So maybe I will see you Wednesday.


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