Finally no rain!

1:49 PM

The sun has finally come through and it is a beautiful day after all that rain. The rain did make the grass green, though. Soon I'll have to mow it (And I really love mowing the lawn. I love getting behind anything with a steering wheel).

What is new with all of you? Having a good first week of spring? I am. So far, this week has been near perfect. It's really quite wonderful to have a near perfect week. lol. It's probably the first and last near perfect week I'll ever have (Except for the week I get my drivers license. That will be the best week ever).

I'd like to thank everyone who replied to my random question, "Why do we call our parents mom and dad?" (Okay, thank you David. You're the only one that answered. It was a stupid question, but it popped into my mind, so I wrote it down).

I am trying to set up a photography page, but so far, I have only zero pictures up. haha. I need to finish it sometime, but I have so much to do (I know, excuses, excuses). When I do get it set up (it might take a while, but I plan to finish it), I hope that you will enjoy my pictures.

Well, now I must go. My mom's piano lesson is here. I hope to see ya'll sometime soon! Enjoy that nice fresh air!

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  1. haha, your welcome. :-P And it would be cool to see all of your pictures.


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