Nerf Night!

12:52 PM

So, tonight is Nerf Night with my Youth Group. It's going to be so fun! It's also going to be crazy (I like that!). It's the last Youth activity that I'll be at for a month. I'll be leaving for Texas in a week and six days. Believe me, I will miss you all, and I'll be posting and telling you all about my trip--don't forget the pictures! I'll have lots of them.

I'd like to thank you all for voting on the poll--I'm not sure who all voted, but I thank those of you who did. It's always nice to get honest input on my writing--I don't want people to tell me what they think I'd like to hear--you're not helping me at all when you do that.

Now I think that I'll get off. I can't wait to see you all! Happy Abraham Lincoln's birthday! (He's my favorite Pres. and he also would have been 201 year's old today.)

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  1. Heyyy Em. I got your message and I am really sorry I didn't call back. I was in lancaster all day and I didn't get back until just now. Since you are bringing the paper bags, I am bring straws, yarn,and tape. we are going to make scrolls and sort of tell them about the ethiopian eunich. I will explain the rest tomorrow. It looks like it will be fun!

  2. I am going to miss you too while your enjoying the warmer weather!

  3. Thanks everyone! I'll miss you too! And Andrea, on Wednesday I'll find out what we need to do next Sun. That will be the last were with the little kiddies for a month.


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