My day (extended into the week)

6:57 PM

Today was a very nice day. Sunny, warm...I was very pleased. The only bad thing about the weather today was that it made me want spring and summer even more. *Sigh* Oh well.

So, how has everyone's week gone? Mine's been pretty good; I wasn't too happy when it snowed, true, but for the most part it was a pretty good week. I was able to work on one of my stories and I looked through another--I think I'll work on it tonight. It's just a short story, so it shouldn't take too long (of course, you know me, and if I get a good idea then it could very possibly turn from a short story to a novel--a whole series!--I was just exaggerating, FYI).

Weeelll, I suppose I shall leave you now. Unbeknownst to you (don't ya just love that unbeknownst?), my mind has been wandering all over the place, instead of focusing on this post. So, my good people, you should know what that means--I must go and write. Farewell!

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  1. So Emily, I am really going to miss you while your gone. So you better take a ton of pictures and have an awesome time!!!! :-)

  2. Awww, thanks! I will take a ton of pictures, no doubt about that. :) I'll try to have an awesome time, and I miss you, too! Not to mention tell you all about it. :)

  3. You better tell me everything! haha, well maybe not EVERYTHING... lol Are you going to be able to get on here and write? I know you had talked about it.

  4. It all depends. Even though most of the hotels have wi-fi(sorry if I spelled that wrong), the computer doesn't always work. It does tonight, though! What's Andrea's address? BTY, I miss you and, well, everyone! Can't wait to see ya all!

  5. Andreas address is 50 deer lane, lock haven PA 17745. Miss ya Emily!!


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