22 Days

7:08 PM

Well, just like my title said, in 22 days I will be leaving you all. I'm so excited (not about leaving you all) that I'm going to do and see so many things. I'm going to get to go places that I might not get another chance to see. I get to get away to a warm climate (!!!!!). I'm also excited about being able to try fried ice-cream. It's a Mexican food and this one person I know likes it. Ah, the food I'll get to try. Maybe I can to an IHOP. I've only ever been to one in my whole life (about fourteen years) except for once, and that was when I went to Washington D.C. in 2008. I had chocolate chocolate-chip pancakes and chocolate milk....(as you can see, I love chocolate. I also love pickles, and barbecue sauce--Bull's Eye brand, to be exact, but when that's not on hand I can cope with something else) Anyway, I'm getting off track.

The big news with me is that my brother ate chicken last night. CHICK-EN. Most of you who know my family probably knows what Mark eats: grilled cheese, grilled cheese, peanut butter, peanut butter, grilled cheese, peanut butter. I remember one time--some of you may have heard this--we were eating dinner and Mark actually decided to try it. After a small bite he said, "I don't like this chicken." "Well, Mark," said my dad, "that's because it's beef." We all laughed.

So, now I will get off. I think that I'm going to write (what else is new?). Good-bye, and thanks for reading!

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  1. WOAH! Mark never eats anything but grilled cheese and peanut butter? Wow, poor deprived child. lol i was wondering, what do I need to bring for sunday morning?

  2. Yep. He sure is. I'm not sure. Mrs. German said that she's check and see if that paper we need is in the beginners room, but other than that, I don't think we'll need much else. Maybe a pencil and a black sharpie. She also said we might need helpers. When should we leave? (BTW, I was wondering the same exact thing as you. I wish we could of talked it over last Sun.)


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