"14 Lives"

5:31 PM

Well, today I started the second draft of my first novel. It took me one year to write my first draft and guess what--there are only forty-nine pages! I've been editing them too, so now there are even less. But, that's the way it goes.

Don't think I'm conceited when I say this, but the beginning of the second draft is so much better than the first one! In fact, the whole second draft will be better than the first one. This novel is in the first person, which I thought would be easy to do. Wrong! It's hard! In some ways, that is. There are two parts that would have been easier to write if the book wasn't in the first person. But I can't change that, now. And even though it is a little hard, it's also very fun.

I named this novel "14 Lives". It isn't the original title. The first one was--well, let's not get into that. I can't remember where I came up with the idea, but it sure could have been better. It's about this family of twelve (later on it becomes fourteen). They have life pretty good, but the don't fully realize it until something happens that makes them see--and it's not a good thing that happens, either. The girl who's telling it is the eighth child in the family, and throughout the book there's little "battles" with her older brother and cousin, who are both one year older. She also likes to play match-maker for her siblings. It's not the best story, but I'm hoping to make it better. I already have the sequel forming in my mind and I think that that will be better.

I suppose I'll get off now. Don't get stuck in the snow we're supposed to have tomorrow!

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