Golden Sunsets

3:55 PM

Today all it did was rain. The temperature was wonderful and I would've loved to have my window open...but it was raining. Pouring, to be exact. Finally, the sun came out. It still is. And it's beautiful. But only in the west. In the east, all it is are big, ominous, black clouds. Even that's beautiful. I still like the west better, though, with the golden sunlight, blue skies, and the big, white, fluffy clouds that are illuminated in the sunlight. Luckily, that's where my room is. In fact, my room is positioned so that I can see the sunrise and sunset, which I both adore. I think that's what I'll do now--get off of here, go in my room, and watch the fading sunset and write.

So, good-bye, everyone!

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