Viva, das Texas!

2:27 PM

I just spoke in three different languages-- viva (Spanish), das (German), and Texas (American). I guess you're all probably wondering where I'm going with all this. Well, let's just say that you may not be seeing me for a while--I am almost definitely going to Texas for two weeks at the end of February with my grandparents and possibly my brother. We're going to see the Alamo and a space center...We're also going to drive along the Mississippi (I can spell it backwards, too: ippississiM), go to Branson, Missouri, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and maybe St. Louis, Missouri. Two weeks! I'll be blogging and showing you pictures. Just think, while all you are freezing, I'll be burning up.

Guess I'll be going now. Bye!

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  1. Me, too. Daddy just has to give it the OK. Momma thinks he will. I'll be blogging while I'm out there. Oh, and, I'm also going to stop in Nashville! Music city!

  2. P.S. I remember what color shirt you wore on Sunday. lol.

  3. Well make sure you say hello to Taylor Swift while you are there at Nashville! lol
    Yea, the funny thing is that I remember too! haha

  4. Don't worry David, I will. When mee-mee said we were going to Nashville and I was like, "Yea! Music city!" Half a second after that I decided to get Taylor Swift's autograph for you--and I'll say hi to her--for you. lol. Seriously, that's all I've been thinking about--"tell David I'll get her autograph.

  5. Yes, he's going too. I think. He's a little worried about missing baseball practice. But this is the chance of a lifetime! We'll have a good time.


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