Today...Was like Spring

7:33 PM

Today was a wonderful day. So beautiful! I also had breakfast with my grandparents and aunt. The only part of the morning that wasn't too good was when the dogs ran away. Luckily, they came back. But they did get yelled at.

In the afternoon, I sat in my room listening to my MP3 player, editing some songs I had been working on with Morgan. Then she and Bethanie came over and Morgan came up with a really good tune. It's bound to be a bestseller. Definitely something I would spend my money on. I wish I could come up with a tune like that. After that we went for a walk and then each went our separate ways. I really do enjoy writing songs. Maybe that's why I'm so excited I get to go to Nashville. :)

Well, now I'll be signing off. Good-bye!

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  1. I'm sorry you got your pants muddy grabbing Lucy!

  2. Hey it's okay. I felt sick when I saw the dogs running up the street. I could see them getting hit by a car. But then they came back. lol. They probably wanted some food.

  3. Wow I really want to hear these songs! You and Morgan are both so talented. Truly gifted :)

  4. Do you even know Morgan, Andrea? lol. Thanks! I'm not too good at it, though. I don't have the songs recorded, yet, but hopefully I will on Wed. Maybe I can show them to you Sun. You'll just have to remind me.

  5. I read the lyrics and you let me hear her play a little bit. Okie dokie sounds good!

  6. Meaning you have read the lyrics and heard tune, or you will read the lyrics and hear the tune? (Sorry, I'm blond. People usually have to explain things to me before I understand. Guess I should of told you that before know, huh? :) )


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