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6:34 PM

Hello, everyone! Right now, Mark is making cookies. Mark. Making cookies. Wow. One time when he was making them, he couldn't get the Crisco off of the knife, so he shook it up and down. It still didn't land in the bowl. It got on the ceiling, though. We still have a stain up there from it. lol.

Well, tonight my plans are to sit in the living room with the rest of my family. They'll probably watch a movie. Then we'll try some of Mark's cookies. Hopefully we won't all get poisoned. After we're done "testing" (which is more like eating), the family will probably go back to the living room and.... oh, dear, Mark just dropped an egg on the counter. Mess all over. This is what I was talking about.... and we'll probably go back to the living room. Then I'll write. Oh, I love to write! Luckily, there's some people who understand that. Most people ask me what career I'm planning on having when I'm older. I say writing. They're like, "Okay....." I'm used to it, though. I'm not daunted. Not in the least bit. Other people assume that since my mom plays the piano, I want to be a musician. Now that makes me a little....upset. Just because I play the flute and my mom's a pianist, doesn't mean that I'm going to do that. Or even want to do that.

For school--and free read--I'm reading Jane Eyre. I've seen one of the movies, so I know the plot, but I want to read it. It's a classic. And I believe that by reading books by good writers, I can maybe help myself become a better writer.

Well, I guess I'll get going. I'm going to grab my notebooks, pens and pencils and write!

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  1. wow thanks for posting that Em! but u still didnt mention that u help! believe me u r just as talented, maybe more.

  2. Maybe more? Are you okay? Do you have a fever? Morgan, you definitely have talent--waaaaay more than me. BTW, I think I may have come up with music for "Just Friends".

  3. Emily, people used to do that to me all the time...they'd ask what I was going to college for and I'd answer "Creative Writing." Then, they would just stare at me. Some would say, "What are you going to do with that?" I would answer, "Write." They were baffled.

  4. Yep. Luckily, though, I am blessed with people who understand. Like you. It's actually very funny watching people's reactions.


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