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4:32 PM

Well, the new news is that I might be going to a winter retreat that some of our youth group is going to. I'm not sure, though. My parents have to talk it over. If they say I can't go, I won't be upset. I just think it'd be cool to try out.

Yesterday I finished a book that I looove. It's in a series that I loooove. I wish I could write like that--making people fall in love with my stories....

I guess it's supposed to snow tomorrow. I'm ready for summer. A cool and colorful fall with football and Thanksgiving, a white Christmas, a white and bright New Year, and I'm ready for spring. (That comes right before summer, my fav!) I love spring because everything is new, and fresh. Everything's green and cheerful. I can have my window open and listen to the birds while I right, or go outside and lay on a blanket under our pear tree and write. (Sadly, it's only a decorative pear tree, but I call it pear tree, 'cause no one ever needs to know) Then of course, comes summer. The grass is soft, I run around in my shorts, t-shirt, and I kick off my flip-flops. (Seriously, what's the point of the grass being soft if we're wearing shoes and can't feel it?) My friends and I have picnics and they come over swimming--I love swimming!-- we play volleyball and--my favorite sport--baseball!, and I can wear flip-flops all the time! I love flip-flops! Of course, my dad hates 'em. And my uncle Larry. Jackie and I decided once that it must be a family thing to not like flip-flops. (Jackie loves flip-flops, too.)

Well, I see that I've got to go. I hope to be writing again soon!

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