7:26 PM

Well, here they are: The Christmas '09 pictures that I took with my pet, my new camera, my Canon Elph.
One cute baby

David and Natalie taking a picture of me

Jacob eating

My brother eating

Natalie eating

Jackie and Jim--they make
such a cute couple. Awwwww......

And that is all I'll be posting tonight due to technical difficulties (most of them being just plain me) and other people wanting me off. Good-bye!

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  1. So why did you take a bunch of pictures of people stuffing their mouths? hmmm? :-P

  2. Because I can use it for blackmail, if the need ever occurs. (Whah-hahahaha! Don't let my angelic appearance fool you--I can be almost mean) (Wait a sec...angelic?...Yeah right!)

  3. haha, good thing you dont have a picture of me eating then. ;-)

  4. I don't really blackmail people--that's too mean, even for me. (lol) Although, you never know, someone might point a gun at my head and threaten to shoot me unless I have a picture of some of my cousins and my brother eating. You just never know....

  5. Yep, your right. We never do know... haha

  6. I'm glad I don't know the future, though. Life wouldn't be as nice. It's the unpredictability that makes life exciting and fun.


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