Broom hockey on ice, and a Science test

2:15 PM

Tomorrow night our youth group is having a snow night and they're playing broom hockey--broom hockey on ice. I don't think I've ever played just regular broom hockey. Hopefully I won't break my leg. I can see myself hopping around on crutches and all my friends would call me crutchy. Especially Andrea, for payback because I called her crutchy when she was on crutches. I'm sorry! There, Andrea! Please don't call me crutchy!

Last night at youth group was pretty fun. First, my friend Paige--who I hadn't seen for a long time--showed up and we sat by each other and talked (not during the preaching). Then, we did a game. The first game, we split up into groups of three--guy w/ guys, girls w/ girls-- and you group would put each other's arms over each other's shoulder's. The point of the game was to get a balloon--which started out at your feet--up over your head. You could get it up there any way, except your hands. My time (Me, Paige, and Kim) won! Ha-ha-ha. Victory is ours!

Our next game, the girls formed something like a train and put a balloon in between us. (We weren't supposed to drop the balloons) Then, we had to walk up through the house, into the attic. The guys started ahead of us (they were doing the same game) and we met up in the attic. Someone tripped on the light switch and all the girls screamed. That made the guys laugh. Actually, the girls screamed the whole way through the house. It was just like a haunted house--all dark, and we were all tripping...You should of seen us going up and down the stairs. Mrs. Huston and I--she was behind me--were saying how good it was that we were in the very back. Because, when we fell--we didn't say if-- when we fell, we'd have a lot of padding. Unlike Lindsay, of course, who was in front--she'd have ten girls falling on her.

Well, I guess I'll go. I just passed my science test by the way! And I didn't study! (Until today, that is. I scanned over the study guide about an hour before the test) Wow. I thought I was going to fail. But when my finished test was handed back to me, it said " 14/16". Yea!!!!!! The reason I didn't get 16/16 was because I got the definitions of solute and solvent switched. Oh well. I still basically got perfect. I'm happy!

Isn't it just hilarious how I say I'm going to get off and then write a whole nother paragraph?

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  1. Hahaha no don't worry, I won't be as mean to you as you guys were to me ;) lol jk jk

  2. "Nother", Emily? "Grammar, grammar", says your mother.

  3. I'm sorry, mother. And luckily, Andrea, I didn't break my leg. Or anything else. Although, everything hurts. I had the hardest time getting to sleep last night and this morning I had to take down all the Christmas stuff. Aaa! It hurts. But I'll be fine. I a Redden and Redden's can handle it.

  4. And just so mother won't scold me, "I a Redden" is a typo. I meant "I'm a Redden". There.


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