And still more snow

12:28 PM

Hi! There's more snow on the ground! Whoopee. I'm ecstatic. Can anyone tell that I'm being sarcastic? I mean, yeah, I can't wait to get outside and maybe sled with my friends. It's also so beautiful around our house--all the snow on the ground, flurries in the air.... It's sort of blinding to look outside. The snow is so brilliant--bright, that is. But I'm a country summer gal.

Well, Mark and I have been playing my Indiana Jones Wii game. It's so fun! It has different "adventures"; Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade. I've only seen The Last Crusade, but I still love Indiana Jones (the movies). I like adventure.

So, the cookies Mark and Annie made last night did turn out well after all. Quite good. Cookies are definitely better right out of the oven. And when you burn your mouth on the mouth-watering, hot cookies, it's worth it.

And, that concludes this post. I hope everyone has enjoyed this post! (And if you don't, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Hey, you're the one stupid enough to read something you don't like, if that's the case)

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  1. Mark made cookies???? Wow, that is news! Emily, I love to read your posts. They made me feel like I am right there with you. I have to say that I am feeling the winter blahs too right now. I guess we will need to come up with some fun things to do so that we don't get too much cabin fever. Honey, keep up the good work. And tell Morgan that I think her song is great.


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