What's Happ'nin' ?!

3:10 PM

Hello everybody! Well, yesterday was a slippery day. Very wet. And cold. I was freezing all through church--in the morning and the night. Oh, well.

Yesterday I watched It's a wonderful Life. I love that movie. Good message in it. Today I plan on watching Prince Caspian. No, it's not a Christmas movie, but I still like it. I always get very near crying at the end. My eyes get all full of tears.

Well, I think that I'll be going. At 3:30 I'm going somewhere with my Aunt Kim and I think Mark and Annie. Change that. Mark just came in and says he isn't. We'll just wait and see. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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  1. Ah its a wonderful life. I can't stand that movie. lol Actually I can, but i just go into a depressed mode when no one remembers him. :( Prince caspian is awesome! So how was shopping or whatever you did with your aunt?


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