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This is a survey a friend sent me. It was fun!

Age: 13 (and a half)
> Bed size: double (I share with little sis)
Chore you hate: unloading dishwasher
> Dog's name:I don't have a dog. If I did have one, I'm not sure what I'd name it. There are a lot of names I like
> Essential start your day item: freezing glass of milk and a cookies and cream pop
> tart
Favorite color: dark blue
Gold or Silver: I like silver, but gold is nice, too. So, both Height: Short (around 5' 1"--woo-hoo!)
> Instruments you play: Flute, Piano, Guitar
> Kids: None
> Living arrangements: mom, dad, brother, sister, me
Mom's name: Linda
> Nicknames:M&M, Emy, Ema, Emilemithy, (there it is, Morgan :)) Pumpkin, He-He (when Mark was little), Empy (Mark), Bubba (Mark). Mark also gives me many other nicknames that I hate (and he knows it, too)
Overnight hospital stays
> besides your birth: None>
Pet peeves: When people cough all over my stuff, my brother comes in my room, people who think that kids are incapable of anything, and some other stuff
> Quirky movie: Elf (is the awesomest!)
> Right or left handed: Right (I'm always right--just kidding, that's the biggest lie EVER!)
Siblings: Two sisters. Just kidding! One sister, one (very boyish, manly, strong) brother (thank goodness the don't a have an identical twin that does everything alike!)
> Time you wake up: 8:00 all week 'round
> Understanding: Sometimes. It depends.
> Vegetable you dislike: just about everything. I'll eat lettuce, sometimes celery, broccoli in some things, and tomato on hoagies and chicken sandwiches from Wendy's
> Ways you run late: Every way--mostly people in my family make me late
> X-rays you've had: Arm, hip, I don't know of any other place
> Yummy homemade food you make: Anything with chocolate and sugar--I also like pickles, but I don't make them. Yea, Pickles are real good
> Zoo favorite: As in animal? I don't know

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  1. Are you sure "other" people in your family make you late - Miss Dilly Dally?

  2. Age: 16
    > Bed size: twin
    Chore you hate: dishes!
    > Dog's name: Hunter and Jake
    > Essential start your day item: Waking up
    Favorite color: dark blue
    Gold or Silver: silver
    Height: 5'6 1/4
    > Instruments you play: Piano, Guitar
    > Kids: Zippoooo
    > Living arrangements: sister, brother, parentals
    Mom's name: Diane Marie King
    > Nicknames: Ang (only one person can call me that), andi-banni, peachy, miss peachydudet, peachyairhead
    Overnight hospital stays
    > besides your birth: None
    Pet peeves: People that annoy you for the fun of it.
    > Quirky movie: Napoleon Dynamite
    > Right or left handed: Right
    Siblings: Two sisters and a brother
    > Time you wake up: 8:00am on schooldays. 10ish on weekends
    > Understanding: Usually
    > Vegetable you dislike: Lima beans
    > Ways you run late: fall down the stairs, well actually, u would get down the stairs quicker! haha
    > X-rays you've had: Shoulder, Knee, chest, back, thigh, arm
    > Yummy homemade food you make: Shoofly pie!
    > Zoo favorite: Koalas are cute :)

  3. What'd'ya mean I'd fall down the stairs quicker? Is that some wise crack about my shortness?


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