Merry Christmas!

9:03 PM

So yesterday I had an awesome time with my family. I was to excited to eat, though. That has never happened to me. (Jim said it disgusted him.) I got my camera that I wanted. Even though people said I wouldn't get it. I was soooo happy. Tonight with the Clan, I took approximately 1 million pictures. I had a good time tonight, too. We literally just got home. We watched Jingle All the Way and stuffed our faces (Jacob and I were in heaven with the pickles and garlic bologna) and opened presents and I got to hold Londan. Yes!!!!! That made me happy. I have at least twenty pictures of her, I'm sure. (I think.)

Well, I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and Christmas Eve. By the way, this morning was soooo fun! I got lots of really nice clothes and some movies and books. No pickles, though. (Sigh) Oh, well. I guess I don't need them. lol.

Mark said that since it's Christmas and tomorrow is Saturday, we can stay up as late as we want to--he asked momma. Wow. Never though I'd hear Mark say something like that. I plan on finishing my new movie Up. Jacob wants to see it, so I'll have to have him over sometime.

So, as you can tell, this has been a really great Christmas. After all, we have Londan now and Jane Austen the dog. I love my family.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!

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  1. Christmas was awesome and I think Jane Austen behaved herself very well. Of course, she has completedly destroyed her new frog - stuffing all over my living room floor. She is currently lying on my lap, still trying to lick peanut butter out of her new bone. Anyway - I love you so much and am happy that you enjoyed your family Christmases.


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