Merry Christmas Eve!

3:23 PM

Well, the cookies have been made--the mint ones, that is. They're actually the only cookies I made today. I wrapped some presents, listened to some Christmas music and---oh my word--Annie cleaned up the living room ALL BY HERSELF. And RAN THE VACUM. WOW!!!! It's hard to believe that my baby sister is going to be seven years old in three months. I can't remember--or imagine--what life was like without her. Definitely boring and quiet. Wait a second. Boring and quiet with Mark around? Let me change that: somewhat boring and somewhat quiet.

I don't think I was as excited last Christmas as this Christmas. My mom noticed that, too. I don't know why. Maybe it's because of all those big presents under the tree with my name on them. And I know what my siblings got. I think that they might love me forever with what I got them. Stuff that will make them so happy. Annie's present will keep her from bugging me at times and Mark's--well, lets just say it might--wait a sec he's in the room. Now he left. Let's just say it might get me killed. And the same thing goes with the present my aunt got him, too. Oh dear. hopefully someone got me a suit of armor and a doctors kit. And protective goggles. And a shield.

Well, I guess I'll be going.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

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  1. Sorry, Em - it's what he wanted! LOL I'm glad you liked your presents tonight. I love you so much - you have no idea. When I saw you on that stage the other night, I seriously could picture you as a 1 year old, making me march around the living room singing "The ants go marching...." Seems like it was just yesterday to me. I am so proud of the beautiful woman you are becoming.

  2. It's okay about the nerf gun. It's really cool. And who knows? I know that Mark won't shoot me with the three man (or rather boy) slingshot. (At least I hope he won't). But...The other neighbors...Hmmmm.... I may be committing suicide. But Mark's happy. And that's what matters.


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