It's Christmas Eve!

10:29 AM

Well, it's Christmas eve. I tried to sleep in so the day would be shorter and I'd have a shorter wait. lol. That's me, alright. I'll be baking a lot today. The thing that I'm looking forward to making more than anything else are oreos covered in mint chocolate. They're so good! I love them! (and pickles, and red hots, and barbecue sauce, and.....)

I'm so excited about Christmas. Maybe it's because of all those presents under the tree for me. They're sort of big. Ah, I can't wait until tonight and tomorrow. I'll be opening presents--I mean, spending time with family--and eating; stuff that will rot my teeth and colon. Ah, what a wonderful way to put it.

So, now I'm off to bake and prepare myself for all the excitement. Put batteries in the cameras, charge up the MP3 player so I can listen to Christmas music, pray that my brother's present from me will get here, and have a good time.

Merry Christmas!

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