It's Christmas Eve Eve!

6:41 PM

Wow. I cannot believe that the day after tomorrow is Christmas. Or that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. For some reason I just can't comprehend it. Yeah, there's presents under the tree, but nope; I can't believe it. Maybe it's because I don't want 2009 to end. So many wonderful things have happened. For instance, I've made lots of new friendships and made old friendships stronger. Of course, not too wonderful things have happened. But, the good triumph over the bad--as always. I love how that happens. Or rather, I love that when you're a Christian, you know that the good guys will always win. Even though at times the bad guys win a battle, you don't have to feel defeated, because the good guys will win the war. And that's what really counts.

One thing that I'll miss about Christmas--definitely one of the top things--is the music. Christmas music is the best. Whether it's White Christmas or Silent Night, it's wonderful. And that reminds me. On Sunday night, the whole church sang Silent Night. That's one of the most beautiful sounds. Hearing it sent shivers down my spine. I don't know why, but it does.

Ya know, when you go to the mall at Christmas, you see a lot of guys walking around that look clueless. I was in Bath and Body Works the other day and a middle aged man walked in. He looked at a display of lotions and perfume and said (looking quite distressed) "Which one?" My mom told him that they were all nice. He ended up buying the same thing as my mom. When he was checking out, he asked "Well, how do I wrap it?". Then today, my mom went to the mall and she saw a guy with a baby. He looked at his watch and said, "Uh-oh. Where's Arby's?" My mom told him, "Well, you're going in the wrong direction." Just think about it. When you go to the mall the day before Christmas Eve, the majority of people you see is men walking around, looking clueless and distressed. You feel bad for 'em. Of course, their wives will think that it's sweet when they buy them something, and you should be thankful for what you get, but flowers are--well, how do I say it? I don't know how. It would be much nicer to go out to dinner or get a new car or a trip to some place you've always wanted to go.

The other night, I watched The Blue and The Gray with my Mee-Mee and Aunt Kim and I loved it. It was so interesting. And somewhat sad. It's definitely not a movie that you can forget. As I watched it, the movie made me think about my book about the Civil War--it has a happy ending, nothing happens to any of the family- it's really unrealistic. The Civil War was full of pain and sorrow. Picture it: You visit your family for the summer. You and your cousins run around, swim, and go on picnics. Then, for the holidays, they would come to your house; you'd eat turkey at Thanksgiving and give each other presents at Christmas. But next summer, your uncle and cousins are fighting against your father and brothers. They're killing each other and you have a feeling that you'll never see your family again. Not your aunt or uncle, your boy cousins, your girl cousins--even your father and brothers. And if you do, it might be in a coffin. I would just die if that were the case with me. I love my family too much.

Well, now that I've taken up your time, I guess I'll be going.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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  1. The movie had an impact on me too, Emily. The next day in church the preacher was saying that Henry Longfellow wrote "I heard the bells" during the Civil War - after just seeing the movie, it really impacted me.


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