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5:02 PM

Hello, everyone. It's only 23 days until Christmas. I can't believe it. I love being able to turn on the radio and just listen to Christmas music. That's definitely one of my favorite parts about Christmas.

I'm so excited that I am able to spend Christmas with my family and friends. I've got some of the nicest friends ever. And I made new friends this year, so I get to share Christmas with them, too.

Well, only three weeks until my big show. Yep, the Christmas Cantata. I'm so excited. Instead of nervous. That's a first. I was so scared and worried about practicing on stage last Sunday, but after about five minutes (or less) into the play, I started to warm up and I really got into it and enjoyed myself. I mean, that's all I talked about that night--how much I enjoyed rehearsal. Jim was hilarious! I laughed so hard sometimes. He is a good actor, though.

I suppose I'd better get off. I think we're having chicken alfredo. Yes!!! I love that. Maybe I'll make chocolate chip cookies. That would make Mark happy and it's always good to have him happy with me. But that's not the reason I'd make them. It'd be because I want them. Yum! That's the main reason I cook--because I get to "sample" (lol) the food. Let me tell you, though, I take the biggest "samples" (lol) ever. I love food.

At Christmas, though, I get in a cooking/baking mood. It feels so wonderful to be making cookies and pies and cakes and other stuff that's loaded with sugar...Ah.... It's so nice. Christmas is so warm and cozy. Tonight I'll probably sit on my(I claimed it for my own a loonnng time ago. I can't even remember when. It's just always been mine. In my eyes, at least. And everybody else says mockingly "yes, that's Emily's love seat--it always has been". But that's another story) love seat and write--while watching a Christmas movie. Or rather, while Mark and Annie watch a Christmas movie. Okay, maybe just Annie. And me. Sometimes.

I might also plan for a Christmas party that one of my BFF's and I want to have. Just her, her sister (they're our neighbors) Mark, Annie and I. And then I plan on having Jacob over sometime to spend cousin-time together. We'd have cookies and play the Wii and maybe watch a movie...And Mark and him would goof off. Ahhh, it's so wonderful. I love all of my cousins and I can't wait until Christmas. I also love going to my Mee-Mee's, Pappy's and Aunt Kim's, where we get spoiled rotten and I love it! The food is good and the presents are good. Oh, and I guess being with family is good, too. Just kidding! Being with family is the best part of Christmas! I love my whole family and I'm so glad and blessed that I live close to all them and can spend the holidays with all of them. Thanks for always being there, guys!

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  1. lol I love how you say I should get off and then add 3 more paragraphs. lol Ahh i love you. Sounds like you are super excited for Christmas! Awesome! I am sure you will be amazing in the Cantata, no worries :)

  2. Yeah, I don't really mean to add the 3 paragraphs. It just sort of happens. Must be the writer in me. :)

  3. Thanks for adding us into the things you love!


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