Hello and Goodbye

10:50 AM

I know that I haven't posted in a while, but once I tell you the reason, you will understand. My mom's been Christmas shopping on the Internet. Simple as that. I can't make her get off, now can I? That would be disastrous.

Look at all that snow out there! We have about six or seven inches. Once again, the weather people made a mistake. I don't even know why they're called weather people. Maybe it's because they're bosses don't know "weather" or not to keep them. (Okay, that's the worst joke ever. Pretend I didn't say that. Say I learned it from Mark or somebody. It's embarrassing to think that I came up with a joke that bad. It's awful.) If only this rain would stop, it would be quite nice. But there is one good thing about the rain--when it stops and freezes, it's going to make sledding a lot easier. You see--for those of you who aren't experience sledders (but seriously, everyone who has been a kid sometime in their life-which I sincerely hope all of you have- is an experienced sledder, or was) when it snows, or sleets, the top of the snow becomes a layer of ice, or like a layer of ice; then , you take out your plastic sled and it goes pretty fast. (Unless of course, you have it full of four or five people--or two teens and a tween--it doesn't go fast then. In fact, it usually breaks the ice. Oops.)

Well, I must be going. I've got things to do, snowsuits to struggle into, snowballs to bombard at people.... Snowballs to be hit with...Maybe I don't want to go outside after all.

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  1. There IS such a thing as going too fast, though!


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