Goin' to a Christmas Party...

5:32 PM

Well, it's off to the church Christmas party tonight. Hopefully some of my friends will be there. Although, I know that two of them won't be because they're going hunting. :( That stinks. I love Christmas parties. I'm trying to plan out one with our neighbor. It would be so fun! Well, it's about time to go. I'll be listening to Christmas music the whole way up and the whole way back. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and I miss and love you all!

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  1. Awww I'm sorry we couldn't be there. Hope you didn't miss us too much. Sounds like you had a really great time! I wish I could have been there. Oh i am really sorry about not seeing that "thing" after church today! I didn't even think about it until i saw jim and jackie leaving and i was like oh man! emily!! My mind just goes and goes and goes...where it stops, nobody knows....


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