Christmas Trees and Red Hots

4:25 PM

Here's some pictures of my Christmas tree. I love decorating my room for Christmas!

And now, for some of the Christmas cookies I made. As you can see I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE red hots. I love 'em! Love 'em!

This is my Christmas tree cookie. With 20 red hots on it! I was in heaven....

The Candy Cane of Hotness

The Red Hot Bell

All three of my red hot cookies. Ah, it was a dream come true! I love 'em!

A close up. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove 'em!

My Red Hot Dotted Candy Cane

I love my red hots. I'm very protective of them. Them and barbeque sauce. But that's a different love story.

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  1. Nice Tree Emily! And I get the picture that you like those red hots! haha What else do you put them on? :-P

  2. Nothing. I really only put the sugar and the red hots. I'm in love with them. And pickles. And barbeque sauce.

  3. I see Emily. Nice avatar too! :-)


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