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1:48 PM

Right now I'm wearing jeans and a tank-top--I personally think that it's hot in our house. Of course, so does everybody else I know. It's not unusual to see me walking around with swim shorts and a short sleeved shirt on during the middle of January--it's been done before.
It's so nice to be able to have a blog, and a telephone; right now they're my way of contact with the outside world. I really appreciate it when I get to talk to my mee-mee and Aunt Kim. I just can't wait to be able to hang out with my friends. My mom just ordered some stuff from SEPHORA (a big online makeup company) and I tried on a perfume sample and it's driving me crazy--I don't really like the scent.
Weeeelll, I now plan on watching a movie and writing--in my mom and dad's room, 'cause the sickos are resting out in the living room. Plus, I've got to take care of the banana bread that's in the oven--it should be done soon. Bye!

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  1. Haha wow. tank top...in WINTER?! crazy girl. haha. Sounds like you are being banished from the "outer world". lol I miss you a ton. Keep up the good work and helping out your fam!!

  2. Our house is really hot, though. Just ask Sarah--and anybody else.

  3. Yes - your house is like an oven!


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