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6:00 PM

I've been trying to remember what my friends and family members voices are like--it's getting so that it's hard to remember, what with this sickness. I tell, you, I'm going to go crazy! Luckily, though, I've been e-mailing my BFF with my parents e-mail. She and I are writing a song together called BFF and it's gonna be so cool! She's an awesome songwriter and guitar player. She'll probably get discovered someday--she's definitely good enough!
Well, I must go now--I've finally come up with some things for one of my books--stuff to fill in the holes with. That's one of my problems--I have the book move too fast. So, I just have to come back later and add stuff. Hope to see ya'll later.
Oh, and, for the record, my great-aunt who lives in Texas says that the plural of ya'll is all ya'll. See ya!

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