A little bit of nothing--once more

6:46 PM

Well, folks, I had to make a Christmas list for my mom today. Problem is, as soon as a open my last present on Christmas, I'll remember a bunch of other stuff that I should've put on my list--it happens every year--Christmas and b-day.
I can't wait until my family's not sick and I can get out and see my friends--I should throw myself a welcome back party-lol!
One person I'd like to see in particular is my BFF Morgan, who's sort of like my business partner--I've got some things to go over with her. But I have a little problem--my computer is-broke (there, I've said it)--and a lot of my books and stuff of Morgan and mine was on there. I feel sooo depressed about it.
Weeelll, now I'm going to go out to the living room, pop in a movie, and write. See ya'll later! ;)

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