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9:48 AM

So much to tell and so little time! Yesterday I went to church for the first time in two or three weeks and got the first hug I'd had (other than mom and Annie, who don't really count) in three or two weeks from my friend Diana, and I got to see my other friends. Then this morning, I went to my mee-mee's house (I'm still here, actually) and it's so wonderful to finally be able to be around people.
Can you believe that Thanksgiving is Thursday? It's sort of hard to imagine. Soon Christmas will be here. Wow. I love Christmas. If we could just have all the winter holidays in one month, three months of fall, three months of spring, and the rest of the months summer, I'd be happy. Christmas is the best part of winter. It's so wonderful to be able to spend time with family and friends. There's hardly anything that's as good as Christmas with the Clan. (Hopefully that will make everybody happy this time)
Well, I've got to go. Marks needs me. Wait, he needs me? Wow. Amazing. (Plus, I want to push him off of the computer with all the games I want)
See ya'll later!

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