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3:36 PM

I'm so happy! The day hasn't felt like a million years. The past few days have kept dragging on. It's always nice when night comes. I love night time. I just lay in bed, staring out my window, off into the night, thinking about books I've read, things I'm writing, movie's I've watched, or movie's I'd like to make; the possibilities are amazing.
Well, I won't be going to Youth Night and I'm a little disappointed--Youth Night's are always fun. But, I wouldn't want to make any of my friends sick, that's for sure, so it's best that I stay home, locked away from the world, like a leper without leprosy--it's tragic, it really is. And I don't like having to call myself a leper because it doesn't sound very appealing. So, I'll just say that I'm locked away from the world like a prisoner, who is allowed no visitors, no interaction with the outside world. As I said before, it's all very tragic. Quite tragic.
I know that this might sound a little random, but I problemo that I have with writing is finding different names. It gets a little old (not to mention embarrassing) when I use the same names over and over again. So, I've decided that it would be quite helpful and very appreciated, if I had (or someone got me) a name book. My parents had one (and they underlined the name Emily) but it took up space, so they got rid of it. I'd really like one, because then I would have thousands of names for books at my personal dispense. It'd be quite wonderful.
Well, I think that I'll go downstairs and write. On second thought, though, I might try and transfer some of my pics onto the computer. Well, so long! TTFN
(For any of you who are unfamiliar with Winnie--the Pooh, that is--TTFN stands for Ta-Ta For Now)

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  1. There are baby name websites you can check out too.


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