It's still Thanksgiving Eve

6:55 PM

"It is the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house,
the dogs are stirring as loud as a grouse (don't know if grouse are loud, but it rhymed).
Janey is bugging me to throw the old ball
so I chuck it real high right into the hall.
Mee-Mee is cooking and Pops in his chair
while I watch TV with long messy hair. - ha ha"

---Kimberly Ann
Isn't that neat? I really like it. Hey, any other good poems or short stories, just tell me and I'd love to put them on here. I can't wait till tomorrow. All that food, and family (and food) and thankfulness (and food) and movies (and food) the way did I mention that there's a lot of good food at Thanksgiving? I think I might have forgot. Well, there's food! And it's awesome! And wonderful, and yum, and delicious, and aromatic, and....later on there will be indigestion and discomfort because people like to stuff themselves, but everybody ignores that and doesn't really regret it after.
Well, I think I'll go. Can't wait to see all that food! (oh yeah, and I uh, guess, uh, maybe you) (But seriously, who thinks about people when there's so much food to think about instead?) (Just kidding)

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