Hello once again!

6:04 PM

Hey, tonight I was being really loud outside with some of my friends and laughing and running around in the dark. My BFF Morgan taught me something to do with my hands, too and I'll have to show ya'll sometime. Morgan and I would also like to ask you kind, loving, sweet, smart, loving, generous, etc., etc., etc., people to tell us some Christmas songs they like. You see, we're trying to put together a Christmas CD and would like some input. So, will you? Pwease? (By the way, I asked that in a small, pitiful voice. You just couldn't hear it. You get the idea. Maybe that will help you make up your mind.)
Then, earlier today, our other neighbors came over. They two sister (who happen to be twins) were throwing mud balls at each other, and I was getting tired of it, and so I said, "I mean this nicely, but why don't you two go home. Then maybe you can come back when you grow up a little bit. 'Cause right now, you two are acting like three year-olds." Yes, I actually said that! Although, you people probably aren't surprised. I had mumbled it under my breath (in a different version, though) and decided to tell it (in a nicer version) to them. It felt quite good, and hopefully it will help them when they come down again.
Well, sadly enough, I must go. Mother and brother are calling (and talking about me, I can hear, despite what they think) for supper. Bye!

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  1. Thanks for asking about the Christmas CD Em! I honestly still can't belive you said that to the twins. I hope it wil change their attitude a little bit, too. See ya!


  2. Hey thanks Emily! I was wondering when you were going to remember my email! haha :-P

  3. So you dont understand the comment right above this one???


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